Therma-Stor Heat Recovery Water Heater

Heat Recovery Products

Therma-Stor Heat Recovery Water Heaters recover wasted energy from a building’s cooling system to produce free hot water. Heat recovery is a cost-effective technology for restaurants, supermarkets, food processors… any business that needs hot water and uses refrigeration or air conditioning. Therma-Stor has a strong history of heat transfer innovation, and has been recognized by the U.S. Department of Energy for energy efficiency contributions. Therma-Stor heat recovery water heaters are an established and recognized component of many energy efficient, sustainable and greenhouse gas reduction initiatives.

Therma-Stor II-1

The Therma-Stor II-1 features a single, high capacity refrigeration circuit. The II-1 is the most common unit for larger capacity refrigeration systems, often used in multiples on a large system.
Also available: The II-1-A unit, which features special fittings for use with ammonia refrigerant.

Therma-Stor II-2

The Therma-Stor II-2 heat reclaim water heater features two medium capacity refrigeration circuits. It is an ideal for reclaiming heat from two medium sized refrigeration systems.

Therma-Stor II-2-HF (High Flow)

The Therma-Stor II-2-HF unit features two high-flow refrigeration circuits. Compatible with higher capacity refrigeration systems, the HF unit features lower pressure drop than the II-2.

Therma-Stor II-6

The Therma-Stor II-6 features 6 discrete refrigeration circuits, making it compatible with 3 – 6 separate refrigeration systems. The II-6 is often used in food service applications where there are multiple smaller refrigeration systems.

Therma-Stor III-1

The III-1 features a single, large capacity refrigeration circuit and backup electric heating element. The III-1 is often used in multiples on larger refrigeration systems and may eliminate the need for additional gas or electric backup water heaters.

Therma-Stor III-2

The Therma-Stor II-2 heat reclaim water heater features two medium capacity refrigeration circuits and a backup electric heating element.

Therma-Stor Storage Tank

Storing hot water is an important part of a heat reclaim strategy. The Therma-Stor storage tank provides additional hot water storage capacity (no heating capability).