Fresh 80/100

The Fresh 80/100 provides fresh air by efficiently mixing outdoor air with indoor air. This is accomplished with either mechanical exhaust ventilation or self-induced air supply. The Fresh 80/100 features adjustable airflow, insulation to eliminate condensation and reduce sound penetration, and dust and insect filters.

Fresh 80/100 Spec Sheet
Acoustic Dampening Technical Data

Reton 80/98

The Reton 80/98 is a through-the-wall ventilator designed to provide a source of fresh air into a home or office. The units can be installed in any room that needs fresh air ventilation. The Reton 80/98 allows control over the volume and direction of airflow and is easy to clean. Reton ventilators are designed to work with mechanical exhaust ventilation or self-induced ventilation.

Reton 80/98 Spec Sheet