Overhead Aerial View of a Water Treatment Plant

Commercial Applications

Quest Hi-E Dry dehumidifiers control damaging moisture and humidity in a wide range of commercial applications. All Hi-E Dry models operate in a variety of conditions, including lower temperatures down to 35°F, offering the best combination of operating temperature range, efficiency, water removal capacity, and low unit cost. Below is a list of typical Hi-E Dry commercial applications.

Health & Fitness
Indoor Pools
Whirlpools and Spas
Therapy Rooms
Locker Rooms
Health Clubs
Skating Rinks
Allergy Control
Water Treatment Plants
Pumping Stations
Power Plants
Sanitation Plants
Well Houses
Switching Stations
Art Galleries
Records Storage
Film & Tape Storage

Food & Drug
Cheese Factories
Pharmaceutical Labs
Food Drying
Canning Plants
Restaurants and Bars
Meat Packaging
Tool and Die Shops
Paper & Pulp
Powder Blending
Packaging Areas
Plastic Molding &
Computer & Electronics
Clean Rooms
Electronics Assembly
Computer Rooms
Photo Labs
Pre-Press Areas
Silk Screening

Benefits of Hi-E Dry Dehumidification

Low Unit Cost

Hi-E Dry dehumidifiers utilize heat transfer innovations that dramatically improve performance. This enables Therma-Stor to build higher capacity dehumidifiers with smaller refrigeration systems. That results in lower equipment cost.

Low Installation Cost

A smaller refrigeration system requires a smaller electrical load. The Hi-E Dry model 195 removes over 183 pounds of water a day (80°F 60% RH) while drawing only twelve amps of electricity. The Hi-E Dry 195 plugs into a 115 volt 20 amp outlet, and provides all the humidity control necessary for a 440 square foot pool. (82°F Air Temp., 80°F Water Temp. 60% Relative Humidity)

Low Operating Cost

Hi-E Dry dehumidifiers remove two to three times more water per kilowatt hour of electricity than conventional dehumidifiers. Annual energy savings from controlling the humidity of a 440 square foot pool would be about 15,000 KWH., or $1,200.00 at $0.08 KWH.

Quest Dehumidifiers Hi-E Dry

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